Vanessa & Kayla Gift Set, Red


For you and your closet female buds, why not this matching tassel keychain and coin wallet. Whether worn together, or used separately, this elegant gift set can be used for years to come.

Vanessa: Size: 4.5" L 

Suede tassel keychains are a fun way to dress up any plain colored handbag or wallet. Not only is they keychain a nice accessory, which adds character and a pop of color to anything you pair it with, it also functions as a handy key holder perfect for everyday use.

Kayla: Size: 6.5" W x 3.5" H

This zipped pouch is versatile as it is handy. You can use it as a coinpurse or a compact wallet. Secure everything with the zipped closure. 

Leather note: Every mark, scar, and wrinkle is unique per hide, and thus not all items will be equally similar.

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