• Leather Material

    Our collection of leathers includes a wide of variety of materials that can suit your design concept. Whether thin or thick, soft or structured, plain or embossed, let us find you the perfect choice to suit your design and to express your personality.

  • Pattern and Production

    Through our patented techniques we have the luxury of having your bespoke order crafted to your exact specifications. Our team of craftsmen will work together to pattern, layout, craft, and transform your choice of leather material to that one-of-a-kind masterpiece that you have envisioned.

  • Hot Stamping

    Monogramming allows you to have your initials embossed on your bespoke bag or accessory. With two size options and clear or gold color variants, discover the ways you further personalize your custom piece.

It will be our pleasure to help you craft your unique The Tannery Manila piece. Leave us a message down below.