Anti-Mold Leather Spray, 120 mL

Anti-Mold Leather Spray, 120 mL

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Every piece of genuine leather is an investment, so it is a must to take extra care of your precious one. Treat it with utmost protection with this anti-mold spray to avoid decay. Safekeeping is a key responsibility, especially for your leather baby.

Formulation:: Extra strong micro-emulsion fungiside

Application: Fungiside for preservation of hides, skins and dry leather. Very good protection from mold and helps protect leathers for long storage.

How to use: Spray on areas affected with molds and wipe with a dry cloth. Use only upon appearance of molds. This is not a leather conditioner.

Precaution: Do not swallow.  Wash exposed area with plenty of soap and water. If irritation persist consult a doctor.