Trina, Gray


Size:  9 "W x 4.5 "H  x 0.5 "D

If you are having trouble keeping separate wallets for your passport, checkbooks, and currency, the Trina wallet may just be what you need. 

The oversized wallet is designed to carry cards, currencies, receipts, important travel documents such as your passport, travel insurance, boarding pass, and visas. It has a zippered pocket to carry loose change or even your mobile phone. It also has two sim card slots and a penholder which is very useful during travel. A security belt on the outside helps prevent anything from falling off when carrying this wallet. 

With the sleek and practical design, bring Trina anywhere you go and simplify your life with just one wallet!

Leather note: Every mark, scar, and wrinkle is unique per hide, and thus not all items will be equally similar.

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