Roderica & Tishawn Gift Set, Brown

Roderica & Tishawn Gift Set, Brown

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For your boyfriend or husband, how about a classic bi-fold wallet that comes with a matching coinpurse. So in any case, he doesn't use the coinpurse that way, you can ask for it and you'd be sporting matching leather accessories. Ain't that sweet? Best add a monogram of his initials to personalize this wallet and make it more special.

Roderica: Size: 4.25" L X 3.5"H 

A standard size bi-fold men's wallet to keep your currency, cards, and receipts. The bill slots has dual-compartments that help you organize your bills, or if you wish to set aside a portion of your budget. This wallet is made with soft cow leather.

Tishawn: Size: 3''H x 3.5'' W

Instead of adding bulk to your slim billfold, you can keep your loose change inside this unisex coin wallet. They’re the perfect place to store your coins in since they’re made with top grain cow leather. This durable material naturally repels moisture and resists heat damage. Secure everything inside with the zipper closure. 

Leather note: Every mark, scar, and wrinkle is unique per hide, and thus not all items will be equally similar.