Maroo & Leny (S) Gift Set, Brown Nappa


A leather pen roll can be a perfect keepsake for a friend who likes to collect pens, but match it together with a leather notebook and it definitely shows how thoughtful you are.

Maroo: Size: 11.25" L X 6.5" H (with 8 Pen slots at 1"W per slot)

Whether your a pen collector or an artist, Maroo makes it easy to keep all of those fountain pens and writing tools in just one place. Store as much as eight pens in this leather roll and tie it to keep everything in place. 

* Also available in another size variant (Marc) which is intended for thinner writing instruments.

Leny (Small): Size: 6.5" L x 4.25" W x 0.5" D

A leather sleeve encased notebook perfect for the office and on business meetings. Don't worry, once used up, this notebook can be re-purchased easily as available from your local bookstore.

*1 pc Green Apple notebook, already included in the gift set

Leather note: Every mark, scar, and wrinkle is unique per hide, and thus not all items will be equally similar.

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