Maricel & Aisha Gift Set, Cobalt Blue Yama
Maricel & Aisha Gift Set, Cobalt Blue Yama

Maricel & Aisha Gift Set, Cobalt Blue Yama

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For loved ones planning their holidays abroad, why don't send them off with travel accessories they can treasure for life: a passport case to protect their precious travel documents and a matching luggage tag to make sure their bags are properly labeled. 

Aisha Luggage Tag: Size: 2.50" W x 4.50" H with adjustable strap at 8.50" L

Keep your luggage safe and protected by properly tagging them. The Aisha Luggage Tag is made from genuine cow leather. Write down your name and contact information to make sure your luggage finds its way back to you. 

Maricel Passport: Size:  4 "W  x 5.5 "H  x  0.2 "D

Maricel is a passport holder which can also store cards and travel documents. It has three card slots , a pen holder, and an insert where you can also stash your boarding pass and travel documents.  The security leather strap on the outside of the wallet helps ensure nothing falls off while you carry this wallet in the airport ---from the check-in counter, through the boarding gate and to your travel destination.

Leather note: Every freckle, mark, scars, wrinkle is unique per hide, and thus not all items will be equally similar