Kelly & Tevyn Gift Set, Prugna

Kelly & Tevyn Gift Set, Prugna

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For your favorite aunt or "ninang" who never forgets to spoil you with love throughout the years, how about a small token to express your gratitude. Comes in multiple colors and leather materials for all types of "Titas."

Kelly: Size: 4.75" L x 2.75" H

This zipped pouch is versatile as it is handy. You can use it as a coinpurse or a compact wallet. Secure everything with the zipped closure. 

Tevyn: Size: 2 7/8"H x 1.25"W

Carry your keys in this keychain. It features a classic shape oval design and comes in different colors to suit your taste.

Leather note: Every mark, scar, wrinkle is unique per hide, and thus not all items will be equally similar.