Jessie Torrone


Sold Out

Size: 11"H × 8.75"W × 6.5"D

It may be quite small but it’s surely capable; with multi-divisions, achieve organization with no apprehension. With roomy interiors, Jessie is one accessory that’s both handy and really dandy.

It has three main compartments so you can separate your valuables accordingly. The middle compartment can be used for items of high value with its anti-theft feature; pick-pockets won't be able to open your bag from behind as you will only be able to gain access it once you put your the bag down.

The bag also has a front easy access pocket for your hanky, press powder, or keys. Interiors of the bag are lined with fabric with adjustable straps for your convenience. Chic and highly functional, this backpack is perfect for yuppies, students and stylish travelers.

Leather note: Every mark, scar, wrinkle is unique per hide, and thus not all bags will be equally similar.


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